Our Packaging

One of the (very many) reasons we set up Little Kitchen Social was to try and find a way of reducing the amount of waste pastic we produce when feeding our children.

The pouches you buy from the shops, whilst incredibly useful, are also almost non-recyclable*. The manufacturers will tell you they can be recycled but I challenge you to find more than a handful of their special recycling drop-off points. 

So in order to combat this we are doing our very best to use recyclable / biodegradable / compostable materials for our packaging. 

2020-05-15 (2).png

The 'plastic' bags you see in the image here are actually made of plant cellulose and will biodegrade within 2 - 3 months without producing any harmful chemicals.

It works, we tried. We buried a bag in the garden; after 1 month it had partially degraded and after just over 2 months it had completely disappeared.

As for the big metal trays, bare with us, our replacement for these is on the way and after we have tried a couple of tests we will be rolling them out. The new pots will be made of paper and card with a bioplastic lining made from plants not oils.

* The companies that make these have large recycling sections on their websites, please go to their websites for more information. They are technically recyclable although it's a difficult and complicated process.